Modi Machida Field Store

Please come and check our Field Store at Machida Modi 1f. There you will find a variety of porcelain and stoneware from all types and shapes, maybe even learn a little about Minoyaki. We also have nice gift options from a wide range of prices. Its no doubt a good place to stop and take a look at some beautiful ceramics. If you still want to walk around the vicinities, we can keep your bag for you, so you don’t need to carry your precious ceramics around, making your day a much more enjoyable experience.






  • 〒509-5115 岐阜県土岐市肥田町肥田2247番地の20
  • tel.0572-56-0333 fax.0572-56-1133
  • 営業時間/9:00~18:00(定休日:土日・祝日)